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Tuesday (3/18/03) National Airspace System Update

There is no doubt that the upcoming war could impact airspace in the United States. I would like to share with you a variety of website that contain information and updates. I encourage all of you to seek information and be prepared for a variety of possible circumstances. Please share this information with the field.

During the tragedies of 2001, the FAA/DOD/FCC activated portions of SCATANA and ESCAT. SCATANA (Secured Control of Air Traffic and Air Naviation) and ESAT (Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic) are "cold war" era plans designed for war time priority listings of air traffic. They encompass the "ground stop" of aviation traffic. We will keep you posted should a SCATANA/ESCAT situation arises. .

In it's recent update, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) states the following:

"As the nation prepares for war with Iraq, pilots should be prepared for airspace changes and additional restrictions in some parts of the country. AOPA stays in constant contact with FAA and homeland security officials. While plans remain in flux, AOPA's sources say the start of hostilities will likely bring a return of a flight plan requirement to fly within the Washington, D.C., air defense identification zone (ADIZ). Additional security restrictions may be added to the New York airspace and possibly to some other large cities as well."

DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY: The Homeland Security Advisory System has been elevated to High (Orange). Multiple agencies are involved in response to a High alert. At the same time, we need to be aware of Operation Liberty Shield. Operation Liberty Shield is a comprehensive national plan designed to increase protections for America's citizens and infrastructure. It is a multi-department multi-agency national team effort. It includes increased security at borders, stronger transportation protections, greater protections for critical infrastructures and key assets (including airports). There is an airspace component that includes "Controlling Vital Airspace - New temporary flight restrictions have been put into place over certain U.S. cities, including Washington D.C. and New York City. The FAA will continue to closely monitor air traffic in these and other key areas." For more information, please visit the Department of Homeland Security Website at

CURRENT NOTAMS: Being aware of current TFR's and FDC NOTAMS will be critical for flying. A crucial website for accurate information is the FAA/DOD US NOTAM website at either or (identical websites). This website contains TFR's and FDC NOTAMS regarding flight regulations. This is where you find NOTAMS pertaining to nuclear power plants, etc. Here is a quick primer for finding your way through the website:

From the NOTAM Home page:
FOR TFRs: Click on "ARTCC TFRS". TFR's are listed by ARTCCs.
FOR FDC NOTAMS: Click on "FDC,ZZZ Notices"

An Advisory NOTAM begins with A - for example: A0008/03

A TFR NOTAM number indicates the year it was issued. For example, TFR's issued in 2001 will have a 1 in the beginning, for example: FDC 1/3352. A TFR issued in 2002 is numbered with a 2 in the beginning, for example: FDC 2/0199 and 2003 TFR example is FDC 3/1655.

FDC NOTAMS are National and ZZZ NOTAMS are International.

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