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Tuesday (6/18/02) National Airspace System Update #5

Airspace efforts continue to focus on the complexities of Colorado's airspace with 6 airspace coordination specialists located in Denver and Durango area. Airspace coordinators are visiting local airports and Incident Management teams to assist in the expansion of TFR's while sharing closure information with general aviation and DOD pilots.

On Thursday, Bob Ensley, Arnold James and myself will be traveling to Denver to lend assistance to the program and prepare for rotation. We will be meeting with Denver ARTCC to share issues and build on the great relationship Rocky Mountain GACC has with Denver ATC. We managed to get through the "Glider Fly-in" with few problems and are grateful for their cooperation.

There are two temporary towers activated (Durango and Hayman fire). I believe there is also a temporary tower somewhere in New Mexico and possibly Ojai, California. It is extremely important that all temporary tower orders be coordinated with frequency managers due to the shortage of frequencies. Early notice is definately needed!

Airspace Coordination Specialist Jim Unruh and Webmaster Dennis Griffin have prepared a helpful document for those of you who would like to print the TFR maps from the Interagency Airspace Website. Please feel free to distribute this within our aviation and dispatch community as there have been many inquiries for an easy step by step document.

Currently 23 of the nations 57 TFR's are for wildfires. 8 of them have lat/long format problems. 3 of them are in AGL instead of MSL. However - the majority are following the US NOTAM format and are to be commended. We are going to continue developing the automated process for TFR ordering and hope to have more steps in place to ease your way while ordering a TFR that would include a visual preview (thanks to the visions of Bob Roth and Neil Flagg).

New Mexico - 6 TFRs
Virginia - 2 TFRs
Colorado - 5 TFRs (includes 3 box TFRs and two temporary towers)
Florida - 1 TFR
California - 5 TFRs
Utah - 1 TFR (box shape TFR)
Nevada - 2 TFRs
Alaska - 1 TFRs (box shape TFR)

We are still hoping that the FAA will introduce their airspace website soon. Here are your airspace contacts if you have any questions:

Gary Jewett - Rocky Mountain GACC Airspace Program Manager - - 303-445-4300 ex 2330 Mike Limb - Rocky Mtn GACC Airspace GIS Specialist - Mike Limb - 303-445-4300

Jeffco/Hayman Incident/MAFF Liaison/Denver Area - Jim Unruh - 303-921-4836 (Cell) and Bruce Collins - 303-378-8928 (Cell)

Durango/Grand Junction - Steve Hirschi - 303-378-8927 (cell) and Lee Harrison 303-888-2445 (cell)

Arriving Wednesday in Denver for transition and support - Julie Stewart (cell 503-780-0097), Bob Ensley and Arnold James

Please let me know if you are in need of any airspace assistance. Be sure to drop onto the airspace website at for all the latest information.

Julie J. Stewart
National Airspace Program Manager - USFS
Regional Airspace Coordinator - USFS/BLM Pacific NW Region

Wk phone: 503-808-6728/Cell Phone: 503-780-0097

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