Subject: Acknowledgement of FAA's Participation in Fire Season 2000

I would like to find some way to acknowledge the FAA's participation in Fire Season 2000. Our fire season had an extraordinary impact on their staffing and facilities.

I request that we find some way to honor the FAA's complete commitment to our airspace program. Their support is a way of honoring the intent of 91.137 (a) 2 to "provide a safe environment for disaster relief aircraft". They are often the forgotten partner in our airspace and aviation program.

I propose that we find a way to acknowledge both the agency and the many individuals involved. If there is a poster/lapel pin/certificate made for Fire Season 2000, would it be possible to set aside an estimated 270 for FAA personnel? The FAA could handle distribution.

The FAA's involvement includes the following (not a complete list):

  1. Received requests for TFR's from Dispatch
  2. Plotted and issued TFR through NFDC
  3. Deconflicted airspace with DoD
  4. Issued NOTAMs to pilots on request Note - this was often from 39 pages of NOTAMS which increased pilot briefing times considerably
  5. Investigated Intrusions and Near Mid Airs
  6. Provided Controllers to multiple Temporary Towers for a 6 week period
  7. Assisted in AWAC's issue and attended AWAC meeting in Missoula
  8. Received and hosted airspace meetings/Tours at Salt Lake ARTCC
  9. Participated in Flight Service Station Airspace closeout and Survey
  10. Hamilton Tower - Talked "down" lost Gen Avn Pilot (lost in smoke) (Airward pending)
  11. Staffed both Salmon and Bitterroot "TFR Advisory Units)
  12. Assisted with TFR Modifications
  13. Supported Airspace Coordinators
  14. Increased hours at MSO and Ogden Towers
  15. Adjusting Tower schedules (and vacation schedules) to accomodate the staffing of 8 Temporary Towers and 2 Advisory Units
  16. Shepherded our 1255 Transponder code aircraft through traffic

I contacted the FAA for the # of FAA personnel involved and they gave me the following statistics involving 265 FAA Employees: There are probably a few other FAA folks that have been missed but this is our current best estimate (Julie 12/6/00)

Boise 41
Billings 9
Helena 9
Grt Falls 18
Salt Lk 5
Flight Service Stations
Boise 26
Grt Falls 29
Cedar City 37
Salt Lk 52
Regional Hqtrs 7
Wash DC Hqtrs 2
US NOTAM Office 8

NOTE - Salt Lake ARTCC carried 85% of the Nations TFR's throughout Fire Season. The FSS's were inundated with TFR briefings to pilots that involved extremely complicated TFR's.

The Temporary Towers were at the following locations:

TFR Advisory Units (Staffed by FAA)

Extended Hours in Tower

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I can be reached at 503-808-6728.....