Implementation Plan for Bitterroot/Salmon Advisory


Prepared by Julie Stewart and Milt Clark, Airspace Coordination Specialists.

The following are steps that need to be taken prior to implementation of operations within the combined Bitterroot/Salmon-Challis/Beaverhead-Deer Lodge TFR that stradles Idaho and Montana. It can not be implemented in one half.

  1. Review Operations Plan
    Review by Area Command Dudley __________
    Review by Area Command Payne __________
    Review by Salmon/Challis Goheen __________
    Review by involved Bitterroot
    Beaverhead-Deer Lodge Forests
    Review by FAA Reg. Hqtrs George Orr __________

  2. Revise Operation plan from input by above listed groups and revise for Review if needed.
  3. Frequency Planning:
  4. Maps:
  5. Personnel brief:
  6. Salmon Advisory Unit
  7. Order TFR with the following:
  8. Brief involved Dispatch Offices
  9. Establish test period to define and repair overlooked items.
  10. Prepare and issue Pilot briefing packages (Include complete frequency lists) for all pilots that fly within the TFR. Extra copies needed for Towers, Helibases, Air Tankers, Lead Planes, MAFFS, Smokejumpers, Forest Neighboring Units and Advisory Units.
Note - the Operations Plan is also available. Contact Julie Stewart at 503-808-6728 if you would like a copy.